A word from the sidenotes

  • Post published:November 6, 2020
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I’m very pleased to welcome you to this newest feature of our website, our weekly blog on translation stories, news, history, and trivia. We hope you will join us here each week as we explore different aspects of translation and localization as global work and pastimes that have existed alongside language for millenia. As a linguist, I keep an ever-growing sidenote of stories, quandaries, and questions arising sometimes from my work and sometimes from my reading. There is rarely cause and much less space to share these funny, curious, and sometimes touching stories in the footnotes of translation projects, but I hope that by sharing them here, we can entertain and inform, in a small way, about this elusive, sometimes invisible, companion to global literature and communication – the translation.
We hope you will enjoy these digressions into the sidenotes and tell us what you think!

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